30 Jersey Essentials: Explore Our Museums

Jersey MuseumDuring 2014, we are celebrating 30 years of bringing customers from the UK to the Channel Islands. As part of this celebration, we will be writing about 30 Jersey essentials, from attractions and outdoor activities to special local food and some lesser-known island treats.

Part 2: Explore our Museums

Jersey’s geographical position explains a lot of its history. Nestled close to France yet now an English speaking land faithful to the Crown, the island’s unique past and current status is often source of much questionning amongst visitors. The best places to find many of the answers is at the brilliant Jersey Museum in St Helier which will take you on a journey through time. We also highly recommend the Maritime Museum where the island’s links to the sea are explored in a very entertaining and engaging manner.

Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Once upon a time… Jersey wasn’t an island. Jersey Museum, run by Jersey Heritage, is a must-see to discover how the island went from hosting a neolithic settlement to the thriving community we now know.

Vivid displays over two floors will guide your voyage over 7000 years of island life, finishing on the 3rd floor in the lovingly restored 19th century Merchant’s House complete with a furnished children’s nursery.


Take your time to explore and make sure to visit the Merchant House Brasserie, a great pit stop for lunch or a well deserved drink after your visit. The al-fresco area is just delightful with tree shade, granite walls and water features creating a relaxing atmosphere only metres from the busy streets of St. Helier.

Jersey Museum Brasserie

Maritime Museum

Children will love pushing buttons to create waves, tides and gales, but the Maritime Museum is an interactive museum for all generations to enjoy.

Jersey benefits from one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, an exceptional feature that has shaped much of the coasts as we know them today. Learn about the circumnavigations of Philip de Carteret – member of a prominent Jersey family – and about the boat building industry that flourished in the 19th century, becoming the 4th largest in the British Isles.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is in a great location by the Elizabeth Marina, where islanders keep their boats and carry on the long tradition of seafaring. Wander the promenade along the marina walls to put the final touch to a lovely day out!


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