An Instagrammer’s Guide to Jersey

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  04.04.18.

Jersey is an island where stunning landscapes are just waiting to be explored and whether it’s on a walk along the beautiful beaches or if you’re out at sea there will be lots of photo opportunities for you during your Jersey Holiday.

With the help of some top Instagrammers who either live in Jersey or have holidayed on the paradise island, we’ve highlighted some great places to take a photo that you can share with your family and friends.

Why should Instagrammers visit Jersey?

No matter what season you visit Jersey there are lots of picturesque destinations you can visit; from world-class beaches to living history locations and this is all within Jersey’s 45 square mile radius.

In winter you can experience the elements by watching a storm or walking on a deserted beach, while in contrast during the summer months the island transforms and you’ll be able to soak up the summer sun. Spring in Jersey is also spectacular as one minute you can see dolphins playing in the sea and the next you can taste the first Jersey Royals. While we are on the theme of food, during the autumn months you can try Jersey tomatoes, pumpkins and apples as well as see the wonderful autumnal colours during a coastal walk.

Getting the perfect Instagram snap on Jersey

The ocean

Absolute Adventures, who have been on Instagram for four years now, took this great snap of one of their groups kayaking by Jersey’s coast and say taking photos of the water is a great image to capture.

Why Absolute Adventures love Jersey

Sean from Absolute Adventures says, “The water. We are surrounded by the beautiful ocean that causes a dramatic impact on the coastline. It’s so good to get out there and escape in the sea.”

From above

Bam Perspectives see things from a different perspective as shown on their Instagram account, which has been active since June 2015. The aerial and videography firm share a range of aerial images of Jersey using drones to capture everything from a different angle.

Why Bam Perspectives love Jersey

Marc Le Cornu, the drone pilot for Bam Perspectives, says, “As a Jerseyman, I may be biased about the beauty of our Island, but as an aerial photographer I am always blown away by our stunning Island on every single drone flight! To be able to photograph so many incredible heritage buildings, beautiful clean beaches, stunning cliffs and amazing countryside all in one day is a very special thing. I feel very privileged to run a business which focusses on capturing different perspectives of our incredible Island!”

Iconic buildings

Sunset St Ouen style

A post shared by Georgie Ng Photography And Art (@georgiengphotography) on

Georgie Ng Photography has been on Instagram since 2015 and has been sharing an array of photographs of Jersey since. This particular post is of La Rocco Tower at St Ouen’s Bay in Jersey.

Why Georgie Ng Photography love Jersey

Georgie, the travel photographer behind the Instagram account, says, “I love the beaches, the scenery, the light, the sun when it shines, the landscape, iconic buildings and the Microclimate.”

The sports

Jersey might be small, but it still plays host to lots of great sporting events such as the Jersey Triathlon (pictured above), cycling, athletics and much more.

Ryan O’shea, who runs his own photography business, has been on Instagram since 13 June 2017 and he loves sharing all types of photographs related to Jersey.

Why Ryan O’shea loves Jersey

Ryan O’shea says, “I love that Jersey has some of the best sunsets in the world which are enhanced by our natural coastal landscapes for wonderful images to be taken all year round.

“Jersey has a thriving sporting community which enables breath-taking images which shows pure passion and determination in island sport.

“Although Jersey is a small island it can hold its own.”


The diverse weather

Debbie Podger first joined Instagram in February 2015 and ever since has been sharing her stunning photos on Instagram from her travels around the world, but there is no place like Jersey as she believes there are so many photogenic locations across the island like this one of the Jersey coastline.

Why Debbie Podger loves Jersey

Debbie, says, “The thing that most appeals to me about Jersey is the diverse weather which we experience all year round, making the Island a great destination whatever the season. We have a fantastic tidal range which gives us a wonderful choice in high and low tide shots, and you can never tire of searching for different locations and viewpoints.

“My favourite time is the ‘blue hour’ when the day is quietening down, yet the skies give some beautiful colours, often reflected in the sea.”

The cliffs

Jersey Adventures, the islands longest serving adventure activities provider, offers lots of exhilarating activities to you and a popular pastime is coasteering. Jersey Adventures has been sharing snaps of their tours over the past 3-4 years, like this one of a member of the group making a daunting jump from a cliff into the sea.

Why Jersey Adventures love Jersey

John, the managing director at Jersey Adventures, explains what he really loves about the island, “The lifestyle and easy access to sites for specific activities.”

The sunny days in summer


A post shared by Phil Coleborn (@philcolebornphotography) on

Phil Coleborn has been using Instagram for the past two years and has been sharing unique photos like this one of Gorey Castle during the summer.

Why Phil Coleborn loves Jersey

Phil says, “It’s safe, friendly, and very diverse in many ways. Culturally historically and the landscape for such a small area.

“There is a unique charm to Jersey, English through and through with a hint of French inspiration sprinkled around every corner. On a beautiful sunny day, Jersey has the lot to offer.”

Elizabeth Castle

Jersey Heritage has been on Instagram for nearly five years and one of the reasons they love the social media platform is to not only share their own photographs but to see photographs from others enjoying their hometowns.

“What we particularly love about Instagram is that it is a fantastic way for us to see photographs of visitors and locals enjoying our sites and making memories.”

Why Jersey Heritage love Jersey

Jersey Heritage adds, “We love how much there is to do and see on our small island. Beautiful beaches and delicious food to just to name a few! Within our 9 x 5 island, we have a rich resource of historic sites ranging from prehistory all the way to modern day which helps us to tell the island’s story.”

Beach days

Jumping into the weekend like…. #purejersey ????: @liam_de_gruchy

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Pure Jersey only started posting on Instagram in 2017, but now the outdoor and indoor leisure company shares snaps from their trips. In this particular post, you can see a photo from one of their coasteering trips in the summer.

Why Pure Jersey love Jersey

Penny Setubal, the director and instructor at Pure Jersey, says, “I love Jersey in the summer as every day is a beach day and swimming in the sea at St Ouen’s on a warm summer’s evening can’t be beaten!”

The Great Outdoors

The Valley Adventure centre has had an Instagram page since 2015 and being set in the secluded and stunning natural valley in Jersey they love the great outdoors.

There are so many great activities you can enjoy in Jersey; from walking to zip lining, and we’d recommend you get involved during your holiday.

Why Valley Adventure love Jersey

Kate from Valley Adventure, says, “I love the beaches and coastline, and the great food.”

The varying landscapes

Jersey Seafaris have been on Instagram for six years after creating an account back in 2012 and now the RIB boat trip tour operator shares photos from its excursions.

Why Jersey Seafaris love Jersey

Richard Stevens, a director at Jersey Seafaris, says, “For such a tiny island there are many varying landscapes and so much to explore.”

The sunrises and sunsets

Switch it on…..

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Jersey is famed for its incredible sunrises and sunsets and this great photograph of La Corbière comes from Jason Masterman, who has been sharing photos of the island since September 2014.

Why Jayfire124 loves Jersey

Jason Masterman says, “Jersey has some of the best Coastline in Europe, if not the World. I love the fact that you can photograph the sunset and sunrise all in the one day, coupled with the fact that you have so many options as to where to shoot. The crystal clear waters and the outlying reefs make the island a dream place to visit, live and explore.”

The photo opportunities

Matt Noel is the owner of Salty Lens, another Instagram account you should follow for great photographs of Jersey says the reason he joined the social media site is to connect with other photographers.

Why Matt Noel loves Jersey

Matt says, “As for what I love about Jersey for me it is all of the amazing things you can do out in nature whether it is going on photo walks and always finding little golden nuggets of photography around every corner or the amazing landscapes and beaches that we are lucky enough to have.

“If you are into a more active lifestyle there is plenty to do from surfing to mountain biking and everything in between …and usually a combination of those activities with photography makes a pretty good mix so yeah it’s a pretty rad Little Rock in the English Channel so I would definitely recommend for people to come check it out.”

Jersey’s different seasons

Ok that’s it I’m calling it … Spring is here! The clocks changed this morning and the kids actually slept in .. ..SLEPT IN …. still in shock over that one! We had the most lovely afternoon hunting for Easter eggs in the woodlands beside a friend’s house. Fintan’s actually never had chocolate before so he didn’t realise there was anything inside the shiny wrappers. He did enjoy putting them in and taking them out if his bag though. His brother on the other hand knows all about chocolate and was all we could do to stop him inhaling his entire stash (which was significant!) . Fingers crossed no more snow here…. happy Spring ???????????? . . . #primroses #springishere #intothewoods #littleexplorers #springhassprung #goingonanegghunt #yellowflowers #naturewalk #getoutside #familyadventures #chocolatehunter #easteregghunt #jerseyci #jerseyinsta

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As we touched on at the start of this guide the different seasons in Jersey mean there is always something different to capture.

Michelle, also known on Instagram as the Channel Island Mama for the past 6 years, loves the dramatic passing of the seasons as demonstrated by this great snap of some primroses flowering on the island.

 Why Channel Island Mama loves Jersey

Michelle says, “I love how dramatic the passing of the seasons are. We moved here exactly a year ago from Australia so we’ve come full circle with the seasons. It’s so lovely to be surrounded by spring at the moment – everywhere you look there’s daffodils, primroses and trees coming into blossom. There’s something very magical about Jersey – winding lanes, woodlands, hidden beaches and caves, secret forts and beautiful castles everywhere.

“You really do feel like you’re a million miles away from big city life. I love how immersed you can be in nature, it’s a wonderful place to bring up kids. There’s plenty of indoor attractions but when the weather is dry I love bringing my little boys out into the countryside for an explore or to one of the many beaches for a runaround and a play. Even though we’re out and about all the time, there’s still so much of the island left to see – it’s hard to believe it’s only 9 by 5 miles!

“I think Jersey is still a bit of a hidden gem.  Those that know it seem to come back year after year.  I’m really looking forward to our second summer here and I’m already plotting which music festivals to check out and which beaches to bring our family and friends to when they visit.”