Places To Visit: Beaches In Jersey

Beauport BayThere is a little “Je ne sais quoi” on every beach in Jersey. Most have a slightly wild appeal, all are truly beautiful and at least one will become your instant favourite. An easy promise as the seas around Jersey are always blue, green or turquoise, testimony to being some of the cleanest in the UK.

So… is it the freedom of seeing a horse rider gallop along the waterline, the thrill of walking past a bunch of surfers getting ready to jump in, the beauty of a boat passing in the distance or is it children building sand castles and splashing around, the ice-cream van ringing its bell?

Whatever it is, one of them has your name already written on it. Come and discover which one is yours!

Sand Play

Jersey’s long and sandy beaches in the south and west are ideal for walks, sun bathing, swimming and pretty much any watersports imaginable.

St. Brelade's Bay

You might simply want to lay your towel on St Brelade’s beach and read your book or try some more extreme activities like wakeboarding or wind surfing. As the tides are amongst some of the biggest in the world, choose your beach carefully. The island sometimes doubles in size at low tide meaning that at high tide some beaches or part of them will completely disappear!

The more dramatic north and east coast beaches are made for exploring.

Greve de Lecq

Arm yourself with a fishing net to search the many rock pools around and collect beautiful little treasures. Seashells, mermaid’s purses and mini crab claws will soon end up at the bottom of your buckets or of your pockets… Plemont beach and Greve de Lecq are by far the most popular but for a little challenge try to find “La Coupe” on a map, pack yourself a picnic and head there for the day…

Sand Art

We have our very own and talented Sandman here in Jersey. Andrew Coutanche startled the islanders one morning in 2007 with a magnificent drawing made on the sand with his great grand-father’s rake. The beauty of his art lies entirely in its ephemeral character. One minute here the next wiped out by the rising tide…

Some of Andrew’s most impressive work has taken shape on the sandbanks of Écrevière and Les Ecrehous – offshore reefs between Jersey and France that can be toured with Jersey Seafaris.

Jersey Beach Art

More durable and greeted with the same wow factor, Sand Sculptures have in the last few years astonished passers-by on St Aubin’s beach, not only by the amount of work that goes into them but also by their incredible intricacy. We hope that the 2012 sculptures make a return in 2013.

And Finally…From the Ice Age…

Eroded shards of ancient ceramics and frosted bits of old glass can be found on many Jersey beaches;  remnants of inhabitants and visitors long gone. But what about dinosaur fossils, mammoths and woolly rhinoceros, or even Neanderthal teeth? Jersey Heritage will tell you more this coming weekend… before handing out some ice cream.

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