Discover The Hidden Marvels of Jersey’s Tides


One of Jersey’s most unique qualities is its dramatic tidal changes, which are one of the largest in the world. At low tide, the island almost doubles in size, and with the rolling back of the tides, Jersey’s natural playground expands and transforms.

If you are looking for things to do in Jersey, the uncovering of hidden beaches and islands leaves plenty to be discovered, so during this blog, we will be sharing our tips on how to make the most of the bountiful opportunities that low tide brings – get ready to explore!


Make the most of these hidden spots


Corbiere Lighthouse

An iconic landmark on Jersey’s rugged south western corner, Corbiere Lighthouse is a must-see attraction for all ages, with its strikingly white colour contrasting with the dark rocks and choppy seas surrounding it making it a prime photo spot. During low tide the opportunity to walk to the lighthouse through a hidden causeway is revealed and, as you journey across, you’ll be able to spot rock pools and beaches along the way. When exploring Corbiere Lighthouse it’s important to be aware of how quickly the tide can change, so make sure you time your trip around the tides to get the best out of your visit!

Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

Portelet Bay and l’Île au Guerdain

Any nature lover who has an itch for adventure should visit Portelet Bay at low tide. This charming sandy beach has a tiny hidden island called l’Île au Guerdain that you can walk to when the tide drops. It’s known by the locals as ‘Janvrin’s Tomb’ due to it being the gravesite for a plagued sea captain, but nowadays it is a peaceful spot where you can take in the fresh ocean breeze and feel at one with nature. After discovering the Island you can stop off for a well-deserved break at Portelet Bay Café and try their delicious pizzas!

Portelet Bay, Jersey


Discover Jersey’s most beloved secret beach which is only exposed during low tide. Tucked away between high cliffs, Plemont can easily be missed by visitors due to its ‘off the beaten track’ location, with finding the beach being part of the fun! Endless adventures can be had at Plemont, from discovering the island’s largest caves which are home to tiny rock pool dwelling creatures, to keeping your eyes on the horizon where dolphins are frequently spotted.

Plemont Bay, Jersey

Must-do low tide attractions


Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle is a brilliant attraction for anyone wanting to learn more about Jersey’s turbulent and fascinating history, with adults and children alike being able to make the most out of their visit. Having adapted to the drastic tidal changes, visiting Elizabeth Castle at high or low tide can make for a different experience altogether. At high tide you’ll be able to board the amphibious Castle Ferry that’ll take you across the water, whilst at low tide, similarly to Corbiere Lighthouse, you can take to the beach along the causeway and walk straight to the castle gates!

Elizabeth Castle, Jersey

‘Moonwalks’ to Seymour Tower

As the tides pull away from the island, a whole other world of marine life can be discovered amongst the rocks and along the seabed. For a unique experience that uncovers the mysteries that lie amongst this seemingly barren landscape, take a moonwalk to Seymour Tower with Jersey Walk Adventures. Their expert guides are passionate about Jersey’s wildlife and landscape and will take you safely across the sandbars and into the gullies as the lunar-like rocks guide the way. The area where the moonwalks take place is an internationally recognised Ramsar wetlands site so taking this walk with your guide ensures that you are respecting the environment as you take in the rich marine and birdlife along the way.

Seymour Tower, Jersey

Take The Oyster Trail

Low tide also reveals one of Jersey’s most important spots for seafood lovers, the Oyster and Mussel beds, which are located off the coast of Grouville. If you want to go a little bit further than simply trying these mouth-watering morsels, you can explore the oyster traps for yourself during low tide. With the benefit of having a local guide with you along the walk, you’ll be able to learn about the cultivation and history of Jersey Oysters followed by the opportunity to sample them at The Seymour Pub and Restaurant!

Oyster Beds, Jersey

Blo-karting / Land Sailing

As well as discovering the precious sea life along the shores with a refreshing walk, the low tide also brings with it the chance to unleash some adrenaline with a thrilling Blo-karting session. Whether it’s your first or fortieth time, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time speeding along the sand, feeling the wind in your hair as you go! Jersey Adventures will teach you all the basics of how to master your three-wheeled land-yacht and once you feel confident you’ll have learnt an exciting new skill for life!

Blokarting Jersey

Jersey’s Ramsar Sites

Jersey’s south-east coast is internationally recognised as a Ramsar protected wetlands site because of the important marine and birdlife that lives and thrives here. Jersey also has three other Ramsar sites that you can visit during your stay on the island, including the picturesque Les Ecrehous and Les Minquiers that you can discover by RIB on a Seafaris trip, spotting grey seals and dolphins if you’re lucky!

Les Ecrehous, Jersey

The final site is Les Pierres de Lecq (the Paternosters) in Saint Mary which acts as a nursery for a range of fish species due to its rocky landscape and ideal water temperature, and due to its rich biodiversity, you can often spot dolphins along the nearby shore doing a bit of fishing of their own!