Have a Dog-Friendly Holiday to Jersey

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  25.09.19.

Dogs are part of the family and it doesn’t make sense to leave them behind when you’re heading off on holiday. It is also becoming easier to bring your pet with you when you travel too, with more dog-friendly accommodation available and attractions improving how they accommodate pets. While holidaying around the UK is easy with a dog, don’t overlook dog-friendly holidays Jersey, as there are plenty of places to stay, attractions and activities to do and it couldn’t be easier to travel to the stunning Channel Island with regular ferry services.

Dog in car

So, if you can’t bear the thought of leaving your pooch behind or are looking for a new destination to explore with your travel-happy dog, we have put together a guide on how to get the most out of your dog-friendly holiday in Jersey. From the best accommodation to dog-friendly beaches, we have all the information you will need to plan your holiday and have your dog involved with every aspect of the trip.


Travelling to Jersey with Pets

Taking your dog to Jersey is a lot easier than you may think. Jersey is part of the British Isles, so a pet passport is not required if you want to bring your dog or cat to the island from the UK, other Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Before travelling, let the ferry know you are bringing a pet and when booking online, there is an option to state you are travelling as such so you’re not turning up on the day without a plan sorted.

On the journey, keep in mind that pets are not allowed in passenger lounges except for assistance dogs, and if travelling as a passenger the pet needs to be in a carrier that meets RSPCA requirements and will be kept in a dedicated area on the car deck. When travelling by car, pets must stay in the vehicle, but be sure to leave some water and the windows open for fresh air and turn alarms off to avoiding upsetting any animals. Passengers on foot are charged £10 extra each way for their dog, but there is no charge for pets travelling in cars.


Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Jersey has plenty of dog-friendly accommodation available, including hotels, apartments and self-catered cottages. There is a style to suit everyone, including your pet, and hopefully, you will find it is easy to settle in when you arrive. Before you book, make note of the areas in the accommodation which permit dogs, and if there is a restriction in place on dog size or the number of pets. You will find most of the dog-friendly accommodation do not allow them in public areas, particularly eating areas, instead restricting them to the guest rooms. Any damaged caused by the dog will also be charged as extra. Hotels may also charge per night or only take dogs under request, so keep that in consideration when planning your holiday budget. When choosing your accommodation, be sure to check independent reviews, especially those who mention dogs before finalising a booking so to not be caught short.

Dog in Doorway

Our top dog-friendly accommodation recommendations include Longueville Manor Hotel. It is a five-star hotel and dogs are welcome but are not permitted in the foodservice areas or public areas. Dogs are also provided with a water bowl, dog bed and biscuit on arrival, enjoying the five-star treatment as much as you will! If you prefer self-catered accommodation, Les Ormes Holiday Resort is a favourite with visitors to Jersey. With self-catered villas, lodges and cottages to choose from, plus plenty of leisure activities, it is an easy choice for families. Dogs are accepted on a request basis and two dogs are allowed per unit. Dogs also need to be well behaved and quiet.


Dog-Friendly Beaches

Jersey is home to miles of gorgeous sandy beaches and splashing in the clear waters is every dog’s dream holiday experience! All of Jersey’s beaches are dog-friendly but do implement a seasonal ban to help keep the beaches clean. Between 1st May and 30th September dogs must be kept on a lead between 10 am and 6 pm and from 1st October to 30th April, dogs are free to run around off their lead to their heart’s content – but do remember to pick up after them! The only beach location with a full dog ban in place is Victoria Pool Beach, a tidal marine pool by St Aubin’s Bay. Many of Jersey’s beaches are popular with surfers and kayakers too, so if your dog likes to ride the waves, you could bring them along, but make sure they are comfortable with a harness and have a life jacket.

Dog on beach

On Jersey’s north shore, Greve de Lecq is a sandy sheltered beach and a favourite for families. There are rock pools to explore and plenty of space for the dog to run around. On the south coast, St Brelade’s Bay is one of Jersey’s most popular attractions, and with the golden sand sloping into turquoise waters, it is easy to see why. The beach is backed by grassy areas and the colourful promenade. You can take your dog on the beach all year round but remember to keep it on a lead throughout the day within the restricted hours.

If your accommodation is on the west coast, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to take your dog for an early morning walk on St Ouen’s Bay. The longest beach on the island, its nickname from islanders is ‘The Five Mile Road’ with three of them being made up of golden sands, making it the perfect spot for a long beach walk. Get your day off to a good start or finish a relaxing day with a refreshing walk along the sand and let your pooch roam free off their lead!


Dog-Friendly Pubs and Cafés

While bringing your dog on holiday is a lot of fun it can be a hassle finding places to eat which welcome pets. It can also be stressful planning a daily picnic or arranging take-out food every day, as you miss out on sampling the dishes at Jersey’s most popular eateries. However, Jersey has several dog-friendly places that are more than happy to let your dog sit with you as you eat. Some places allow them anywhere, but others have restrictions to outside areas, ground floors or a particular room. Be sure to ask the proprietors before taking a table.

Dog in pub

You’ll find several cafés by popular beaches are dog-friendly, such as Le Braye which overlooks St Ouen’s Bay, where you can sit outdoors enjoying the sun and delicious British seaside dishes with your four-legged friend by your side. Other beach cafés which allow pets include Bonne Nuit Beach Café, Seaside Café also at St Ouen’s and The Lookout which boasts views of St Aubin’s Bay. These cafés cater to every taste too, from light snacks and sandwiches to full English breakfasts and burgers.

When it comes to pubs, Jersey is home to many and quite a few have dog-friendly areas. You can drink a pint after a day exploring the island’s beautiful countryside while your dog refreshes with a bowl of water. Many of the pubs also serve food from pubs classics to light lunches, so you don’t have to leave the dog behind when dining out in the evening. Favourites with locals, which guarantee good service, tasty food, a nice variety of ales, wine and spirits include the cosy The Tenby in St Aubin and family-friendly Les Fontaines Tavern in St John.


Dog-Friendly Attractions

Jersey has loads of fantastic attractions where you can explore the island’s heritage, admire the work of local and international artists and see the sights. However, not many of the indoor attractions are dog-friendly, or only allow assistance dogs, including several of Jersey’s heritage sites such as Jersey Zoo, Mont Orguiel Castle, the Maritime Museum, Jersey War Tunnels and Jersey Museum & Art Gallery. If you are unsure about whether an attraction you want to visit allows dogs, check before arriving to avoid disappointment.

Dog on beach

On the other hand, several of Jersey’s outdoors attractions are great places to take the dog. From all the dog-friendly beaches to the coastal walking routes, you can see much of Jersey with your dog in tow. A walk that both you and your dog will enjoy is through the sandy dunes by St Ouen’s Bay or a stroll around St Helier Harbour. To see at least one of Jersey’s castles with your dog, take a walk on the west coast by the ruins of Grosnez Castle, a 14th-century castle that is located on a headland which boasts views of Guernsey and Sark. When walking in the countryside, make sure the dog is on a lead around other animals and wildlife, particularly sheep and cows. You may also want to keep them on a lead when walking by steep cliffs to prevent any accidents.


Tips for a Stress-Free Dog-Friendly Holiday

If you have not been on holiday with your dog before, there are a few things to keep in mind and plan for. First thing to do – after confirming the accommodation is dog-friendly – is consider what your dog will need, like any other member of the holiday party. Some places in Jersey offer a dog welcome package, including a dog bowl, blanket, dog bed, and dog bags, while others will expect you to provide it yourself. If your dog gets nervous in unfamiliar places, be sure to include their favourite blanket or toy, so they have something familiar when arriving.

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Essential Items

It is a good idea to have a list of the essential items you will need ready to go, ticking them off as you pack and unpack, to not forget to bring anything or leave anything behind! The obvious items include a leash, collar, harness, ID tags, waste bags and cleaning items – sand gets everywhere and can irritate their skin or paws. You may also want to pack enough of their dog food for the length of the trip. While you could buy it on arrival in Jersey, your dog may have a particular brand of food they eat which is hard to come by in shops, so it is better to be safe than sorry, and a change in diet can cause problems you don’t want to deal with on holiday.

Pre-Holiday Preparation

Before heading off on your holiday, it is a good idea to get your pet a quick health check too. Jersey is part of the British Isles, so the same regulations on ownership do apply as in the UK. The time before your holiday also provides a good chance to double-check their microchip is up to date, and even get them insured if you are travelling a long distance. For younger dogs, it would be a good idea to brush up on the basic commands. You will find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, and it is a good idea to test their obedience and behaviour, so they are comfortable even in distracting environments and won’t cause damage to furnishings.


When arriving in Jersey, we recommend taking your dog out for a long walk first, giving them a chance to familiarise themselves with the area and get some exercise after several hours spent in a car or carrier. Dogs left alone too long can be unsettled and spending time calming them will mean your holiday runs much more smoothly. When you have all settled in and relaxed in your holiday accommodation, be sure to keep to the routine you have at home. This means meals at roughly the same time along with morning and evening walks and keep an eye out if your dog is showing anxiety about the strange surroundings.

We’d also suggest making an itinerary for your holiday, planning the places you can visit with your dog, the days spent at the beach or walking the coast, to ensure the whole family, including the dog, will have the best time in Jersey!