How to Explore Jersey on an EVieBike


A new addition to the Island of Jersey is the introduction of the EVieBikes. These are dockless electric bikes that can be found dotted around the Island and can be picked up and ridden with an easy ‘tap and go’ system. Your Jersey holiday wouldn’t be complete without taking a cycle through our quiet lanes and picturesque coastal paths. These bikes are a fantastic way to increase your island knowledge and experience new locations that simply couldn’t be accessed by a car.

Evie Bikes 1

Jersey is an exciting place to explore on 2 wheels, as it offers a very well-connected selection of cycling routes that show off its wonderful scenery. The Island boasts 96 miles of signposted official cycle routes and around 50 miles of ‘Green Lanes’, which are 15 mph country roads where cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians have the priority and right of way. The Green Lanes are some of the most attractive and charming roads in Jersey and are an easy-going ride with mainly gentle inclines/descents. Even if the inclines can get a little steep, the powered EVie bike will support your efforts and make these hills feel like nothing more than a gentle slope!

The EVieBikes can travel at speeds of up to 15 mph and have a 75-mile battery range, which should be more than enough for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Island. As for pricing, the bikes cost £1 per 10 minutes for the first 2 hours, hours 3-6 are FREE, and hours 6-12 are 20p per 10 mins. To get yourself started on an EVieBike, first, you’ll need to find one. This shouldn’t be too difficult as there are 140 of them scattered around the Island. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can use it to find available bikes using the in-app map. The app can be download from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, so just click to download and register as a new user. Once you’re all registered and you’ve found a bike, you simply open the app and scan the QR code which you’ll find on the battery beneath the seat. You click ‘Rent Bike’ and squeeze either brake lever twice in quick succession, and that’s it, what happens next is up to you…

Evie 2

Jersey has a network of well-signposted cycle routes that allow you to pick your own adventure. Whether you’re looking for beaches, countryside, attractions or refreshments, there is a cycle route for it. You can explore any of the 10 official cycle routes, but just keep in mind that if you want to avoid main roads, it may be best to stick the traffic-free cycle paths. These can be found along St. Aubin’s Bay linking the west of the island with St. Helier; a new off-road cycle path has been constructed north to south through the beautiful St. Peter’s Valley; and then there’s the original ‘Railway Walk’, which turned Jersey’s pre-war train track into a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists and takes you from the idyllic St. Aubin’s Harbour to all the way up to Corbière Lighthouse. Even if the EVieBikes have pedal assist, you’ll have earnt an ice cream when you arrive!

If you are starting your cycle from town, you can either head West to St. Ouen’s Bay or East towards Mont Orguiel Castle. These routes might be traditionally a bit long for your average non-cyclist, but with an EVieBike the beauty-spots and attractions of Jersey have never been more accessible. Although the Island has a maximum altitude of 450ft, Jersey is not short on hills – attempting to reach all the bays of the north coast on a regular bike and you’d have to have the legs of Lance Armstrong, but on an EVieBike, you can glide up and down until your heart’s content.

Evie 3

If at any point during your ride you want to pause the rental – perhaps you’re stopping for lunch or to explore somewhere on foot – simply press the pause button in the EVie Freebike app and squeeze the brake lever twice quickly. Paused bikes will cost 3p per minute, which will allow you take as much time as you need, safe in the knowledge that when you come back, your bike will still be available for your use. When you are finished with the bike you can either park at an EVieBike virtual station, which can be found on the in-app map and incur no extra charges, or you can park the bike up anywhere else for a small rehoming fee of £5. The bikes are available to use as much or as little as you like during your stay in Jersey. The freedom they offer over traditional bike rental is immense, so get on your EvieBike and go see what you can find…