Jersey Bite of the Week: Bonne Nuit Beach Café

Bonne Nuit Beach Café, JerseyPerched on the edge of the slipway and overlooking one of Jersey’s picturesque north coast harbours, Bonne Nuit Beach Café is a local’s favourite, ready and waiting to be discovered by visitors to the island.

The café serves a classic menu of seaside favourites during the day, before transforming into a Thai restaurant and takeaway during the evening. With a ‘bring your own’ policy for drinks, Bonne Nuit is the perfect place to take a bottle of something chilled and enjoy a fragrant Thai curry whilst watching the sky turn from daylight to dusk.


Bonne Nuit Harbour is situated right at the centre of Jersey’s north coast, providing an ideal pit-stop for cliff walkers as well as a relaxing scene for a family day at the beach. The café’s menu serves something for everyone, from tasty sandwiches with classic fillings, to hearty main dishes, ploughman’s platters and steaming jacket potatoes. Favourites include the Jersey crab and prawn sandwiches, local mackerel fillets, and tempura fish of the day.

The Best Of Both

When the afternoon draws in and minds turn to evening meals, the menu and the café change focus to everything Thai. The selection of dishes covers all tastes, with very hot green and red curries sitting alongside fresh Thai soups, filling pad thai noodle plates, and collections of moreish starters to share; the garlic chicken special and crab fishcakes are especially tasty.

Two words of warning: firstly, the restaurant can become very busy during summer evenings, so get there early or take a drink to enjoy whilst you wait. Secondly, dishes can be made mild, medium, hot or very hot, and very hot means very, very hot!

Bonne Nuit Beach Café is open all year, with Thai food being served during the evening throughout the summer months. For those who enjoy their curries and want to have a go themselves, the café posts a recipe of the month on their website.

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