Jersey Bite of the Week:

Café Firefly, Jersey

Café Firefly at Durrell Wildlife Park

Jersey’s Durrell Wildlife Park has been extensively renovated during recent years, with a new visitor centre, camping facilities and a YHA Hostel all contributing to the Wildlife Trust’s improved range of attractions and services.

Café Firefly sits at the attractive entrance to Durrell’s headquarters, providing visitors and non-visitors with beautiful views of the park whilst enjoying a menu full of fresh local produce, partly sourced from Durrell’s very own veg garden.

Café Firefly offers an extensive breakfast menu, sandwiches and rolls, light lunches and a selection of classic salads. There is a small, healthy children’s menu that will keep the kids full and happy during their visit.

Breakfast at the Firefly is a highlight of any visit; from full dishes of Jersey produce to refreshing fruit cocktails and luxurious smoked salmon, there is something for everyone. The big breakfast is a treat and offers fantastic value, with all the usual suspects served alongside perfectly cooked Jersey Royal potatoes, all for only £7.95. For something a little lighter, you can sample the watermelon and mango cocktail with pomegranate juice alongside local scrambled eggs, or you could really splash out with a plate of stacked pancakes and maple syrup.

The café’s light lunch and salad collection is heavy on island ingredients. The Trinity mushroom casserole and salad niçoise are popular favourites, both making the most of Jersey’s incredible local food. The classic salads use Durrell leaves and Durrell mint butter, fresh from the wildlife park’s kitchen garden.

And if you want a longer lunch bursting with Island flavour? A plate of Chancre Crab and avocado salad accompanied by buttered Jersey Royals should do the trick.

A visit to Jersey isn’t complete without a day at Durrell, and a day at Durrell isn’t complete without some time at Café Firefly. Just make sure you don’t sit for too long – there’s an entire wildlife park to explore!

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