Jersey Bite of the Week: Longueville Manor Hotel

Longueville Manor GardensA Consistent Favourite

A consistent favourite with both locals and visitors to the island, the five star Longueville Manor has set a long-lasting reputation as one of Jersey’s gastronomic highlights.

The hotel was awarded three AA Rosettes for 2012, priding itself on an impressive range of food and drink choices for all tastes. Fine dining lovers can experience an exceptional meal in the romantic oak-panelled dining room, cocktail enthusiasts can lounge with a freshly made treat in-hand, and those looking for a quick bite can relax by the pool with a barbecued kebab or club sandwich.

The Longueville Manor maintains a focus on fresh local produce, sourcing ingredients such as dairy and fish from closely connected suppliers and picking a host of herbs, fruits and vegetables from the hotel’s very own garden.

We arrived at the Longueville on a rainy weekend afternoon, hoping for some breaking sun and a wander around the hotel’s beautiful gardens. Unfortunately the rain continued, but all was not lost; we simply had more time to explore the hotel’s luxurious surroundings, enjoying a very generous G&T in the comfortable, sleek bar, inspecting the enormous wine list and reading about chef Andrew Baird’s style of food: all about simplicity, ingredients and flavour.

Longueville Manor Hotel

Wine ordered and remaining drink firmly in-hand, we were ushered into the low lights and candles of the oak-panelled dining room, every table full and every diner chatting away, yet still an air of calm within the four varnished walls. From the moment we entered the service was exceptional and friendly, without any of the false airs and graces that you may expect to experience in a five star hotel. The sommelier understood our food, our taste and our budget, choosing a very tasty red to match our varied dishes: a glorious plate of pork cooked in multiple ways and a fillet steak with an unusual – but fantastic – topping of duck.

Dishes at the Longueville are not shy, with very healthy helpings ensuring that you won’t go hungry. Nevertheless, the sight of the cheese trolley proved too tempting, and we sampled some incredible flavours from local, English and French cheese makers. A pot of freshly made coffee and a selection of homemade chocolates back in the bar, and it was time to look forward to breakfast!

Longueville Manor Hotel

Breakfast is another chance for the Longueville kitchen to show off, with an extensive buffet offering breads, croissants, pastries and treats from the hotel’s in-house bakery. We sat in the hotel’s garden room, a relaxed setting separate to the oak dining room, and watched staff hurry back-and-forth between the kitchen and the herb garden as cooked breakfasts were freshly prepared.

With breakfast finished and plenty of coffee on-board, there was time for a stroll around the lush gardens spreading out behind the hotel buildings, exploring the vegetable and herb gardens and marvelling at the collection of fresh ingredients that come straight out of the ground and into the kitchen, every day of the year.

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, a romantic break or simply an indulgent getaway, the Longueville Manor has everything you need. From a drink for every hour to some of the most impressive cooking you’ll ever taste, you won’t be disappointed.

The 5 star Longueville Manor Hotel is open all year, and you can book your stay online with us. Booking at the Longueville Manor Restaurant is strongly recommended.

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