Jersey Bite of the Week: Mark Jordan at the Beach

Mark Jordan at the Beach, Jersey

Michelin-starred chef Mark Jordan has been spreading his culinary roots across Jersey, adding this beachside restaurant in St. Aubin’s Bay to his achievements at the Atlantic Hotel’s Ocean Restaurant, overlooking Jersey’s west coast.

Popular Location

Mark Jordan at the Beach is situated on the site of a former restaurant that was very popular with visitors and locals alike. With this surely in mind, the building has been painted an attractive, striking red, creating a unique and eye-catching identity for this exciting new venture.

Inside the surroundings are light and airy – all solid wood and pastel colours – helping to shape a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The small bar is a perfect spot to inspect the menu whilst enjoying very generous G & Ts and having a flick through local magazines and foodie books. The staff are friendly and more than happy to have a quick chat about the new restaurant, the menu and the tasty wine list.

Mark Jordan at the Beach is not in the same price league as sister restaurant the Ocean, rather this restaurant sits in the gap between high-end fine dining and brasserie menus, offering excellent food without the starched tablecloth treatment.

Sensational Cuisine

The Jersey foodie grapevine has been awash with reports of taste sensations at this restaurant, in particular a scotch egg starter, a fabulous duck dish with cherries, perfectly cooked fillet steak and, of course, some of Jersey’s best new fish dishes.

The starters did not disappoint, plates full enough to provide a hearty introduction to the meal but not too filling. The famed scotch egg was perfectly cooked, crispy and salty on the outside with a glorious hot runny egg on the inside, whilst the scallops and crab risotto dishes were everything you would expect from a talented chef using some of the best shellfish that the sea can offer – the natural flavours of the fish accompanied by rich yet subtle ingredients.

Mark Jordan at the Beach, Jersey

Main courses range from fresh fish dishes to rich plates of meat, with something for every taste.

The pan-fried fillet of brill was as close to fish perfection as you can get, with a salty, crispy layer giving way to tasty succulent fish underneath. The simple fillets of bream sit alongside fresh, buttery Jersey Royals, an absolute must for those looking for the best of Jersey’s land and sea on one plate. For meat-lovers the selection is excellent, including some mighty hamburgers complete with wooden boards, and beautiful cuts of steak. The duck dish with cherries was rich, sweet and salty, just as a game bird should be.

The mixture of rich, complex dishes and simple, well-presented flavours extends to the dessert menu, as fresh fruit souffles and sorbets sit happily alongside a lovely pear and almond tart and an extremely decadent chocolate tart. And, as it should always be, local Jersey ice creams are served up with relish.

Mark Jordan at the Beach, Jersey

As you finish your meal and order an espresso, cappuccino, or maybe a peppermint tea, a surprise arrives at the table in the form of chocolates and assorted sweet treats, presented on wooden sticks that stand proudly in a solid wooden block. A memorable and fun way to share the after-dinner chocs.

If you’re visiting for a long holiday in Jersey or even just a short break, Mark Jordan at the Beach will be a highlight of your stay. Perfect for a light weekday lunch, a longer Sunday afternoon meal or an evening out, this is Jersey food at its best.

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