Jersey Bite of the Week: Tassili at the Grand Jersey

In the first of our series focusing on Jersey’s outstanding selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries, we are shining a light on the newly Michelin-starred Tassili at The Grand Jersey.

Awarded its first Michelin Star in the 2012 Michelin Guide, Tassili has gradually built a reputation for excellent British cuisine, served with a decadent local twist. Situated in the luxurious confines of the five star Grand Jersey and overseen by executive head chef Richard Allen, Tassili has justifiably joined the elite gastronomic ranks by displaying real foodie flair combined with pristine surroundings and the very best service.

A Surprising Menu

Tassili’s menu includes a collection of surprises, taster menus and a la carte options; with diners able to experience a nine-course chef’s surprise menu, a seven-course taster menu and a whole host of ‘wine flights’, perfectly paired with each dish.

The a la carte menu choices are simple: five starters, five main courses, five desserts and a truly incredible cheese course. There is a playful and creative twist throughout most of the courses; with accompaniments including pork popcorn, lobster Caesar salad, mussel minestrone and star anise ice cream. The focus on Jersey produce rings true, including sublime dishes of Jersey scallops, lobster, chancre crab, island-reared pork and locally-grown strawberries. In the words of Tassili’s head chef:

“For me, the embers of the culinary furnace started at a very early age, partly due to growing up in a bakery in Dorset – the family business and life long passion of my father- but mainly due to the fact that I am just simply in love with food. Even to this day, freshly baked bread straight from the oven will stop me in my tracks and instantly take me back to those heady days as a child…

…Whether it’s Darren Quenault’s outstanding pork from “Classic Herd” or the pristine Jersey bass that grace our chopping blocks from Louis Jackson at the Fresh Fish Company, all things are treated with respect and cooked with care, allowing them to shine.”

– Richard Allen, Executive Head Chef – Tassili

The wine list ranges well in price and location, offering diners a broad hoard of bottles, half bottles, glasses and magnums from Continental Europe, England, North America, South America, Africa and the Antipodes. Bottles start at £18, providing great value to those for whom a Michelin-star visit is a one-in-a-lifetime treat.

And then there is the cheese.

A trolley laden with exclusively British cheeses, served with individual accompaniments and detailed on small paper scrolls. Accompaniments range from chutneys served in small vessels to honey contained in syringes, all perfectly matched to the cheeses that you have chosen.

With a quiet atmosphere of subtle lighting and impressionist art draped from the walls, Tassili at the Grand Jersey provides the environment for a special occasion or celebration; a fine dining restaurant that has joined the very select company of Michelin-starred restaurants in the Channel Islands.

The five star Grand Jersey is open throughout the year, with rooms currently available from £66 per person per night.

View more details and book online here

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