Jersey Bite of the Week: The Thai Dicq Shack

The Thai Dicq Shack, Jersey

If you’re looking for a true Jersey summer foodie institution, look no further than the Thai Dicq Shack on the beach in St. Saviour. The Dicq Shack serves incredible authentic Thai food, cooked on the beach slipway in, well, a shack!

Thai food fans are welcomed to the beach and invited to sit on benches and tables scattered across the sand. With waves lapping at your feet, you can enjoy some BYO drinks and some zingy, tasty curries whilst the sun dips over the headland and into the Atlantic beyond.

All The Classics

The Dicq Shack menu features a wide selection of Thai classics, from traditional green and red curries laced with king prawns, beef or chicken, to the fabled jungle curry and the exquisitely made pad Thai. All portions are man-size and perfectly-cooked, starch-white rice is included in the price. A personal favourite is the Thai garlic chicken: thinly battered chunks of fresh chicken, fried until golden with coriander, hot chillis and, naturally, lashings of garlic. Absolutely moreish.

A word of warning: hot means HOT. If you like your curries spicy but not so hot that your beer supply runs out immediately, go down the medium route.

The Thai Dicq Shack is open during most of the year, with takeaway collection available year-round.


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