Jersey News: Celtic Coin Hoard on Display at Jersey Museum

Jersey's Celtic CoinsThe hoard of Celtic coins discovered in a Jersey field in June will go on display at Jersey Museum this week.

The collection of coins has been estimated to be worth nearly £10 million, and the coins have justifiably been kept at a secure location since being lifted from the ground. Intense interest from the media and the public has led to Jersey Heritage deciding to put the coins on display for three days, giving locals and visitors the chance to see these rare and valuable finds for themselves. The display will be part of this week’s Hidden Treasures Festival, organised by Jersey Heritage, the National Trust For Jersey and The Sociéte Jersiaise.

What a Discovery!

Discovered by Reg Mead and Richard Miles in the east of Jersey, the find was the product of over 30 years of searching, chasing everything from small metal detector beeps to old Jersey tales of hidden treasure underneath the island’s fields.

The operation to move and separate the coins will be a very delicate one, with tight security and specialist equipment making the process as smooth as possible. Once in place, the collection will provide a glimpse of one of the most impressive Roman and Celtic discoveries to occur in recent years.

“This find is one of the most significant in modern times and it is only right that the public should have an opportunity to experience what is a truly remarkable sight. It is a core objective of the heritage organisations in Jersey to make our heritage as accessible as possible to the public, when appropriate to do so.”

– Jon Carter, Director of Jersey Heritage

“This will provide a very special element of the Hidden Treasures festival. We wanted to show visitors what an incredibly rich and diverse culture and history Jersey has and there is no finer example than this immensely important find.”

– Donna Le Marrec of Jersey Tourism

The display will take place between Thursday 13th until Saturday 15th September, between 10am and 5pm. Talks will be given at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

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