5 Advantages of self-catering holidays in Jersey


Many visitors to Jersey choose to stay in a hotel, however, a self-catering alternative, is something that should be considered. Recently, this type of holiday is gaining popularity among holiday makers going on a family trip or an adventure with friends.

Self-catering is a different holiday experience, which brings about 5 great advantages:

  1. Save money

Opting for self-catering accommodation will help you to keep down the overall cost of the holiday. It’s cost-effective, both in terms of accommodation cost and meals. You have the freedom to choose when you’d like to eat out and sample Jersey’s fresh culinary scene, or prepare your own meals in the comfort of your ‘holiday home’. When eating in, look for locally farmed seasonal products, seek out our famous ‘hedge-veg’ boxes for great value fresh produce and experiment with local recipes (it’ll be cheaper and way more fun).

Honesty Boxes and farm stalls dotted around the island
‘Hedge-veg’ boxes
  1. There’s no set schedule

Are you someone who values independence? If yes, self-catering is for you! You don’t have to stick to a schedule! Set aside your worries about missing breakfast or the restaurant closing time. This is an especially important aspect to take into consideration when travelling with children as they may eat at different times to adults. Self-catering accommodation lets you organise a flexible meal plan for the whole family.

Al fresco dining in your ‘holiday home’
  1. Minimize social interaction with other tourists

For families and group of friends, staying in a holiday home means they have their own private living and dining areas and maybe even private outdoor space to relax in together. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many holidaymakers value their own private space to relax and unwind away from crowds.

Private outdoor space
  1. Get involved with the local community

Another great thing about going on a self-catering holiday in Jersey is to get a better understanding of the local way of life and how residents live day to day, which will enhance your overall holiday experience.

  1. Terrific selection of holiday rentals

The wide range of self-catering accommodation to choose from in Jersey is another advantage. There are properties to suit every budget and taste, including affordable suites overlooking the sea, family apartments, luxury cottages in the heart of the countryside, and even glamping in Jersey’s zoo. Visit our self-catering page for further details.

With all this in mind, why not consider a self-catering break for your next visit to Jersey?

Glamping pods at Jersey Zoo
Interior Glamping pods at Jersey Zoo