Sport in Jersey: 2019 Calendar

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  27.03.19.

As the largest of the Channel Islands and one with an exceptional sporting heritage, Jersey is a great place for any sports enthusiasts to spend time in. With a host of competitions, races and challenges covering a variety of disciplines taking place every year, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a calendar detailing what any interested locals or visitors can look forward to in 2019.

With the wide range of sporting events held across the island – both fun and competitive – you will find there could be much more to your holiday to Jersey than enjoying its beaches, restaurants and family-friendly attractions. Explore our calendar below, decide which events you’d most like to experience, then start planning your trip!



Durrell Challenge (12 May)

Many of the sporting events taking place in Jersey have a fun, family-friendly element to them, and this is certainly true of the brilliant Durrell Challenge. Centred around one of the island’s most popular and longest-established attractions, Jersey Zoo, the main event of this day-long spectacular is a 13k road race. Setting off from Victoria Park in St Helier, the course that the racers will follow ends at the zoo, where plenty of great activities will be waiting.

The challenge is timed to coincide with two other events taking place at Jersey Zoo on the same date, both of which would be perfect for bringing the children along to. The ‘Really Wild Day’ is set to feature all kinds of fun activities, including storytelling and barefoot walking trails, whilst ‘Mission Possible’ encourages the little ones to turn detective and solve a series of clues that will help to save some of the world’s most endangered animal species. Those who answer everything correctly will go into a special draw to win a range of prizes, including the chance to meet Superman himself, Jersey native Henry Cavill!

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British Surfing Championships (25 – 26 May)

British Surfing Championships

This year, Jersey will proudly be hosting the British Surfing Championships during the late May bank holiday weekend. Our island has a rich heritage when it comes to surfing, with Jersey once considered one of the most important centres for the sport in Europe. It is fitting, therefore, that 2019 will see the biggest date in the UK’s surfing calendar held on our pristine shores.

This event, which is simply a must for anyone with a passing interest in competitive surfing, will be based at the Watersplash beach bar, overlooking the golden sand and rolling waves of St Ouen’s Bay. As well as being a fantastic spectacle, what happens at this event will also have an important bearing on how the next Team GB surfing team will look, with competitors battling it out to secure a place at the qualifiers for the next Olympics.

Another highlight of the weekend will be the crowning of the winner of the British Cup, which will see teams of surfers representing England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands competing on behalf of their home nations.


Jersey International Motoring Festival (30 May – 2 June)

Jersey International Motoring Festival

Anyone who has attended the Jersey International Motoring Festival in the past will know that it is a highlight of the island’s event calendar and really does offer something for everyone. This year’s visitors can expect a similar itinerary to that of the 2018 event, which included things like a demonstration run by a former Formula One Benetton car, a touring route that visitors and locals alike can follow in their own vehicles, and even a French food market.

And then, of course, there are the races! Along with karting and a soapbox challenge, there are several sprints and hill climbs which owners of classic and vintage vehicles can get involved in. Both motorbikes and cars can sign up to compete in the Mount Bingham and Westmount hill climbs, as well as the magical Moonlight Sprint that will see eligible motors zoom along Victoria Avenue, just a stone’s throw from the sweeping sands of St Aubin’s Bay.

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Jersey International Motoring Festival (30 May – 2 June)

See May section


Jersey Half Marathon (9 June)

Jersey Half Marathon

With its beautiful coastal scenery and combination of flat and hilly terrain, Jersey has long been a popular spot with local and visiting amateur athletes. If you’re keen on the idea of running through our island’s stunning landscape but don’t think you’re quite ready to do a full 26 miles, why not sign up for the Jersey Half Marathon?

Starting at the parish hall in St Ouen and finishing in the heart of St Helier, much of the half marathon allows runners to take in Jersey’s gorgeous western coast before heading back inland. Prizes are available for podium finishes in all six different age categories (the oldest of which is for over-70s!), or you can compete as part of a team of four, with each member having to complete the course. For those who don’t think they would be able to run the whole route but are good at shorter distances, however, a relay race is open that involves a partner taking over halfway around the course.

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Jersey Triathlon (16 June)

One week after the half marathon takes place, a sporting event which is altogether more intense will once again be gracing the island. The Jersey Triathlon was completely revamped back in 2013, and the new course (which has only seen minor changes since then) has proved to be hugely successful, largely because of its setting – based around the waterfront at St Helier, this triathlon rightly claims to be one of the most picturesque in the whole UK.

As well as the classic triathlon route, a couple of other options are available for athletes of different ability levels and ages, including a shorter ‘Super Sprint’ course and a junior’s route. Whichever course you choose to take on, you are sure to always remember swimming in front of Elizabeth Castle, cycling along the stunning coast and running around the bustling Elizabeth Marina, all the while cheered on by a huge crowd.

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Around Island Walk (22 June)

Walking in Jersey

Jersey is a popular place to enjoy walking holidays, with the island’s tranquil countryside and majestic coast providing some amazing memories for ramblers to take home with them. However, those who are thinking about signing up for the annual Island Walk event should be warned – this isn’t your average relaxing stroll.

Setting off from the ferry terminal in St Helier at 3am – and that’s a requirement for taking part! – the ‘Main Walk’ sees intrepid hikers traverse the full 48 miles of Jersey’s coastline, with an estimated finish time of 10pm. If this sounds like it would be too much, however, other options are available: the 13-mile ‘Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge’ is recommended for families who want to tackle the walk together, whilst a relay event for teams of four is also open.

The walk’s popularity is demonstrated by the fact that it is also one of the biggest fundraising events in Jersey, having raised over £2million for local charities over the years.

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Tour des Ports de la Manche (11 – 12 July)

Tour des Ports de la Manche

The Tour des Ports de la Manche is an annual regatta which is mainly based around the ports of the Manche region of France but also pays a visit to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. The public can compete in this renowned sailing race, but it is a major commitment – both in terms of time and money – and, of course, you will need to have your own seafaring vessel!

If you don’t have the resources to get involved in the race personally, however, don’t worry – just being in town when the ships sail through is an amazing experience. The marina in St Helier will turn into party central during these two days in the middle of July, so make sure you visit then if you’re a fan of good times and beautiful boats.


Jersey Round Island Challenge (31 August)

The last Saturday in August will see the formidable Jersey Round Island Challenge take place for the fourth time. Recently described by Red Bull as one of the most extreme fitness challenges in the UK, this event sees amateur athletes specialising in a variety of disciplines circumnavigate the island – and the fact that all entrants need to have their fitness levels evaluated before being cleared to take part should tell you all you need to know about how difficult this is!

Competitors have the choice of taking on the course route by swimming, canoeing, kayaking or rowing their way around, or they could even attempt to complete it on a stand-up paddleboard. A land-based alternative is also available, with running the coastline another category you could consider signing up for (just don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is the ‘easy’ option!).

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Jersey Regatta (6 – 8 September)

Jersey Regatta

The last major nautical event of the year in Jersey, the island’s regatta is hosted by three of the island’s combined yacht and sailing clubs and, as such, offers a selection of race categories to suit every enthusiastic captain. If you’re thinking of getting involved, you’ll also be pleased to hear that visiting sailors are welcomed with open arms in both the competitive and social parts of this wonderful weekend.

Race categories include everything from cruisers and dinghies to catamarans and dayboats, so there is sure to be an event that will suit your vessel of choice. And, of course, the whole area surrounding St Aubin’s Bay, where the regatta is based, is always buzzing with activity and excitement over the whole course of the weekend.

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Breca Jersey Swimrun (7 September)

As well as its triathlons, Jersey’s unique natural landscape also makes it the perfect place to hold a challenging ‘swimrun’ event, and this is exactly what entrants to the fourth annual Breca Jersey Swimrun can expect.

This event is contested in groups of two, and anyone who has tried to complete this unforgiving course before will know that team spirit is essential if you want to get over the line! Jersey literally has some of the highest tides in the world, so attempting to swim around a large proportion of its coastline (with frequent bursts of running over uneven, rocky terrain thrown in for good measure) is no mean feat. Are you up to the challenge?


Super League Triathlon (27 – 29 September)

If you can’t visit the island for the Jersey Triathlon in June, never fear – an event that promises to be even more exciting is also coming up at the end of September. First held in 2017, the Jersey leg of the glitzy, exciting Super League Triathlon series is broadcast live on TV to an estimated audience of 375 million viewers and features many of the sport’s biggest names.

Also centred around St Helier’s Elizabeth Marina, this event will be totally unmissable for any athletics or endurance sport fans who are in the area at the time, with the weekend featuring live entertainment and smaller amateur races that participants of all ages can enter too.



Jersey Marathon (6 October)

The weather may be turning cooler in Jersey by the time October rolls around, but that doesn’t mean the elite sporting action stops. In fact, the popular Jersey Marathon is one of the island’s most eagerly anticipated annual events among visitors, with usually less than half of the entry field being locals.

As with many of the events on our list, there are opportunities for runners of all abilities to take part in the marathon. As well as the main solo race, you can also choose to enter as part of a relay team of five – helping to break up the unforgiving course into more manageable chunks – or have a go at the 3k Fun Run, which competitors as young as nine can sign up for.

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Jersey Rally (11 – 12 October)

Jersey Rally

It is no surprise that many of Jersey’s finest sporting events are based around the island’s incredible coastline, but the long-established Jersey Rally is one spectator-friendly spectacular that chooses to make use of the beautiful wooded countryside of the ‘Green Lanes’ road network instead.

As anyone who has visited Jersey before will know, vehicles are usually limited to a maximum of 15mph when travelling around the Green Lanes. However, during the two days of the rally (which kicks off with an amazing moonlight race on Friday evening), over 170 drivers and navigators tear around the normally quiet roads at speeds topping 100mph. If you plan to watch, just make sure you follow the safety advice and stay within the designated viewing areas.

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Durrell Dash (3 November)

Durrell Dash

Based in the northeast parish of Trinity, the 12th annual Durrell Dash is another fantastic community event organised by Jersey Zoo that encourages residents and visitors alike to slip on their trainers and enjoy some exercise in a fun atmosphere amid some beautiful island scenery.

Both 6km and 13km challenges can be taken on (these have minimum age limits of 13 and 16 respectively), with each race starting and finishing at the zoo.

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