A Staycation with a difference


With miles of untouched beaches, world-famous cows and a fascinating history that tells different tales from the rest of the UK, a visit to Jersey is guaranteed to give visitors a staycation with a difference. The beauty of making the short but sweet journey to Jersey is that you’ll find a familiar blend of home comforts mixed with the Island’s unique community, scenery and culture that give it its flare. Throughout this blog, we’ll share with you several things that make Jersey the ultimate staycation destination and we hope that you’ll feel inspired to discover its distinctive qualities for yourselves.

We have our own language

Whilst English is the main language spoken in Jersey, the local people here also have their own unique dialect called ‘Jèrriais’ which is closely related to French. Nowadays all locals, or ‘Jersey Beans’ as we’re commonly called, will learn this traditional language in primary school and about 3% of the population, mainly families who have generations of relatives on the island, speak it fluently. Even though you may not hear people speaking in Jèrriais out and about, you can learn about its historical significance across the Island’s museums. For example, in the Jersey War Tunnels, you can learn about how the language came in handy for locals during the German Occupation.

Jersey French

We have beautiful beaches

As Jersey is a small island, you’re never more ten minutes away from the sea! The diverse coastlines offer a spectacular range of experiences to suit whatever mood you’re in, whether you fancy a delicious fruit de mer by the beach or want to take to the cliff paths and look out over the sea there is the perfect spot just for you. One of the Island’s most beloved beaches is St. Brelades Bay, which entices locals and tourists alike with its long white sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing, paddling and enjoying a large scoop Jersey Dairy ice-cream from the beachfront cafes in the summer. If you wanted to head further afield, you can experience a Jersey’s own lookalike Maldives on a Seafaris tour, which takes you by RIB to the gorgeous sandbanks of Les Ecrehous or Les Minquiers.

St. Brelade's Bay

We have world-famous cows

One of the first things that might spring to mind when you think of Jersey is our adorable cows that are world-famous for the creamy and rich milk they produce. During your visit to Jersey, you’ll see their friendly faces across the countryside and have plenty of opportunities to sample the fresh dairy produce for yourselves. Whether you fancy an afternoon tea with locally produced clotted cream or have the chance to try some Jersey Dairy butter with your meal, it’ll be hard to forget the taste!

Jersey Cows

We have a unique occupation history

During World War II, the Channel Islands were the only part of Britain to become occupied by the German forces, and today there are plenty of ways to learn about the impact this had on the Island’s landscape, people and history. The Jersey War Tunnels museum is unique in itself as it teaches visitors about this harrowing time in the Island’s history as they walk through a network of tunnels built by the Nazis or more accurately slave workers as a hospital. You don’t have to visit a museum to see the mark that the Occupation left on the Island, however, with abandoned German bunkers dotted across the Island’s coast to explore. We celebrate our liberation from the German Occupation every year on the 8th May, and it’s a brilliant time to see the community come together in unity to reflect and rejoice.

Liberation Day

We have large tidal ranges

Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world with the Island almost doubling in size at low tide. As you can imagine, this changes the landscape drastically making every walk along the coastline different from the last. When the tides roll back, they uncover hidden spectacles and experiences that visitors to the island can take advantage of, from walking along the revealed causeway to the iconic Corbière Lighthouse to discovering hidden beaches. There is so much to be discovered at low tide that you should read our Discover the Hidden Marvels of the Sea blog!

Corbiere Lighthouse

Jersey is the sunniest place in the British Isles

There has been a wide debate in recent years about whether Jersey holds the title as the sunniest place in the British Isles but, with 2,298 hours of sunshine measured last year, it is official! This is especially good news because there are countless ways to enjoy the bright outdoors in Jersey. You can take your pick from refreshing walks along the coast and country lanes or relax and unwind with a refreshing drink in a sun-trapped beer garden or terrace.

Summer in Jersey

We are home to the tenth oldest building in the world

Jersey has a long and turbulent past that predates the physical reminders of the German Occupation and the magnificent Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth Castle that stand as proud landmarks of the island today. One of the earliest examples of life on Jersey is La Houge Bie, a building from the Neolithic community that inhabited the island 6,000 years ago. Now a fascinating museum owned by Jersey Heritage, you can learn about what life was like during this period while exploring one of the best-preserved archaeological sites from this time. Its peaceful surroundings make a trip to the museum a relaxing as well as an educational one!

La Hougue Bie