The MD’s view – December 2011

"Robert Mackenzie MD CI Travel GroupIt’s that strange period between Christmas and New Year – the main festivities are over and today is a ‘normal ‘ working day, but because so many people choose to take a long break at this time, the office is half-empty. For me it’s a good opportunity to spend time on some ‘spring-cleaning’ and update the files etc.

Those of you who had settled down on the sofa on Boxing Day evening to enjoy some cold turkey, may well have spotted Jersey’s new TV advertisement featuring some of our local heroes – including the wonderful Nerina Pallot who not only stars in the latest commercial, but also provided the soundtrack and voice over! We’re sticking with the ‘warmest place in the British Isles’ line which caused a bit of controversy last year, but now reflects the warmth of our welcome as much as the local temperature.

We are also busy planning our marketing campaigns for January, including some mailshots to past clients and both web and press advertising. January is always an important month for sales and we are optimistic that despite all the gloom and doom in the economy that we will enjoy a good start to the year. Every year is different, but it does seem that even when the purse strings have to be tied a bit tighter, the annual holiday remains a key requirement for most households.

However you choose to celebrate the arrival of 2012, everyone at C. I. Travel Group wishes you a happy new year.

About Robert Mackenzie

Boss of C. I. Travel Group working with a fantastic team of people here in Jersey. I’ve been in the travel industry nearly 30 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Lived in The Channel Islands for half of that time and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
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