Upcoming Events: Discover Sailors at the Maritime Museum

Jersey Maritime MuseumJersey Maritime Museum

6th – 7th October 2012


This weekend is a fantastic opportunity for children and families to explore the Maritime Museum and learn about Jersey’s sea-faring history, the sailors that departed these shores, and the lands that they discovered.

The Maritime Museum is opening its doors as part of the Jersey Heritage Discovery Days initiative, which encourages families – and specifically children up to ten years old – to discover Jersey’s history during fun and friendly days across the island’s heritage sites.

This weekend’s Discovery Day gives children a chance to explore Jersey’s fantastic Maritime Museum, overlooking the St. Helier Marina. Visitors can chart their exploration in their very own ship’s log, dress up as a sailor, a pirate, or a mermaid, and listen to the local storyteller’s maritime myths and legends. There is also a chance to learn how to send messages using signal flags and outwit other seafarers in a game of Battleships. Creative sailors can make finger puppets as well as illustrating stories of the sea and adding to the museum’s paper chain.

An added bonus of the Maritime Museum is the display of the award-winning ‘Occupation’. Made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Island’s liberation, this richly coloured tapestry tells the story of life on the island during the Second World War. The tapestry was made by islanders and depicts their personal memories of the war and experiences of living under German occupation.

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