Monika’s Jersey: Winter Colours

Usually the busiest street of St.Helier was even busier last Saturday, with all the people trying to sort out their Christmas shopping, people on their lunch break, visitors, teenagers enjoying their day off school. The laughter ringing out across the streets and the sound of Christmas carols coming from the nearby shops made me realise that, no matter the weather (it was raining cats and dogs by the way), Jersey always has its peculiar charm. So if you think that in winter our island becomes a dull and boring place, let me prove you wrong.

At the end of autumn, when the trees had lost their leaves and all the nature seems to be falling asleep except for the sea raging against strong and cold wind, Jersey starts blooming with colours and lights that brighten short days.

Jersey in Winter

If I were to paint a picture of Jersey in winter, I would start with gold, yellow and orange for the spectacular, breathtaking sunsets, richer in colour than the summer ones. Then I would move on to green for the always-green grass on the fields, but most of all for omnipresent Christmas trees that, from beginning of December, fill the gardens, squares, yards and windows, showing off their beautiful garments. Then I would use just a touch of eye-catching red for Santa’s hats and socks available from almost every respected retailer and decorating shop windows and fireplaces across the island.

Then white, the symbolic colour of winter season, for the snow (because we do get snow in Jersey!) that once a year covers the fields, lanes and roads like a soft blanket, and for the ice or the ice rink, should I say, that is now open again in Parade Gardens. It’s definitely a great place for family fun day!

To finish my picture off, I would add a splash of silver and blue – these are the colours of the lights that illuminate the town and make you feel like a child again, walking through some enchanted garden of the wonderland.

And there’s much more: sparkly tinsel and Christmas decorations, navy-blue ocean, grey clouds, cream cakes and multicoloured, tempting shop windows offering 1001 answers to the everlasting question: “What should I get him/her for Christmas?”

Experience Winter In Jersey For Yourself

So, Dear Reader, come and see this splendour of lights and colours, treat yourself to something nice on our King Street, strap on your skates and make the most of the festive season or simply enjoy your cream tea in your favourite hotel, tucked into a big cosy chair by the fireplace. And don’t worry, if you’ve been good all year, Santa will find you in Jersey!

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