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La Mare Wine Estate

About The Estate

A fascinating combination of history, tradition and modern techniques, La Mare Wine Estate produces wines, spirits, cider, chocolates, fudge and the condiment most associated with Jersey: Black Butter.

The estate is made up of historic buildings, beautiful gardens, extensive vineyards and orchards, function rooms, a winery, a distillery and estate kitchens which produce a wonderful array of Genuine Jersey produce.


The earliest building was constructed in 1600, but it was not until 1797 that the central farm building was built. The working farm was devoted to apple trees until it gradually gave way to the twin crops of potatoes and cauliflowers.

After the occupation of Jersey during the Second World War, the farm buildings fell into disrepair and the estate's land was let. In 1968, the Blayney family bought the estate and began to reverse the fortunes of the old farm. In 1972, the family planted Jersey's first commercial vineyards and developed La Mare to also include the Jersey Distillery and the Jersey Farmhouse Provision range.

The Blayney family sold the estate to the current owner in 1997; since then, the estate has gone from strength to strength and expanded to include chocolate, fudge and biscuit making, black butter production, a restaurant and is a popular venue for weddings.


La Mare produces a wide range of Genuine Jersey products.


  • Bailiwick: a dry red wine with soft tannins and long finish
  • Sainte Marie: a medium dry white wine
  • Perquage: a fruity and off-dry rose wine
  • Le Mourier: a sparkling dry white wine
  • Lillie: a light sparkling rose wine

Spirits & Liqueurs

  • La Mare Royal Vodka: made using 100% Jersey Royal potatoes
  • La Mare Royal Gin: made using seven botanicals, local elderflower and Jersey Royal potatoes
  • La Mare Royal Pink Gin: infused with local raspberry
  • VSOP Jersey Apple Brandy
  • Jersey Apple Brandy Cream Liqueur
  • Raspberry Liqueur
  • As well as limited edition seasonal releases, e.g. Rhubarb and Honey Gin, Christmas Gin


  • Jersey Black Butter
  • Jersey Salted Caramel
  • Relishes
  • Marmalades
  • Jams
  • Chutneys

Chocolates, Fudge, Biscuits & Hampers

Opening Times & Entry

Opening hours and wine tasting and tour prices can be found on the La Mare Wine Estate website.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01534 481178
Email: info@lamarewineestate.com