Jersey: From a Local’s Point of View

Jersey YachtAsk many Jersey locals if they enjoy living here, and you’re likely to receive a resounding “yes”. Of course nothing is perfect but if we don’t have it all, a lot of us feel that we have most of “it”.

It? Beaches, quiet country lanes for walking and cycling, castles, forts, museums, a wide range of hotels, restaurants, cafés and, to top it all, we tend to have a lot of fun simply because most of the entertainment is so close at hand. After a good day’s work nothing beats a sunset on St. Ouen’s beach…really.

A Snapshot

The island is divided into 12 parishes and where one lives matters! At the risk of being parochial, Islanders see themselves as Townies, Easterners, Westerners or from the Centre. St Helier – or “Town” as we call it – offers shopping, lunching, dining but also a strong historical aspect. Twinned with Avranches in France and Bad Wurzach in Germany, St Helier is also the main workplace in Jersey making it a buzzing centre to spend some time.

The divide between east and west is legendary, with tongue-in-cheek talk of one needing their passport to travel the short distance between Grouville and St. Ouen! For most of us though the 9 by 5 mile dimension isn’t restrictive as we appreciate being able to go low-water fishing or cliff walking without much pre-organisation.

Food, Glorious (local) Food

Jersey may be well-known for its fantastic potatoes and rich dairy products, but add to these gems a list of produce including fresh seafood, locally-reared meat, a wide selection of fruit and vegetables, and the occasional island-brewed drink, and we really are spoiled for choice.

Greve de Lecq Beach Cafe, Jersey

The island is extremely lucky to not only have the finest ingredients on our doorstep, we also have an enviable collection of restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs in which to enjoy the fruits of the land and sea. From fine dining gastronomic treats to country pubs and family-friendly restaurants, you’re never far from a great meal.

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A Little More

Most islanders want more. More time that is.

More time on the beach, more time to eat out, more time to go sailing, more time to hop across to the other Channel Islands, and some of us will choose to stay in Jersey during our holidays to enjoy the many pleasures on our doorstep.

Gorey Long Beach, Jersey

Besides the outdoor opportunities, Jersey is full of talented people, painters, musicians, playwrights and historians. All contribute to our cultural scene. The Jersey Art Centre‘s programme testifies of the wide variety of cultural events that we can enjoy as participants or spectators.

And Finally…Our Horizon

Living on a island can lead to a certain amount of “cabin fever”. Nowhere is perfect. More and more air routes to the rest of the UK are becoming available though, allowing us to remain firmly in touch with friends and family who live across from our glorious shores.

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