Jersey News: Sail Away with Jersey’s Buses

Jersey BusesFrom January onwards, visitors will be treated to sights of Jersey’s parish crests and the local Jèrriais language motoring along the island’s roads.

A recent competition asked islanders to choose their favourite decoration for Jersey’s new buses, with a design featuring crests from the 12 parishes combined with parish names in the island’s local language winning the vote. The sail livery will be featured on all of the island’s buses from January 2013, and the full designs can be viewed on the CT Plus Jersey website.

Sail Through Jersey

The sail livery combines traces of Jersey’s heritage with a simple, modern colour scheme, and has been welcomed by many islanders:

“I’m delighted that the people of Jersey have so strongly supported the livery that best reflects Jersey’s heritage and shows that Jèrriais works in a modern, forward looking design.”

– Tony Scott Warren, L’Office du Jèrriais

“I think the livery the public have chosen will be really eye catching and colourful and will certainly be something unique to the Island.”

– Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for Transport and Technical Services

CT Plus Jersey, who will take over operation of Jersey’s buses in January, are now putting the local bus service name to the vote, with the shortlist including LibertyBus, Jersey Clipper, Douze Vailes (Twelve Sails), and Avanchi (Advance)

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