Places to Visit: Mont Orgueil Castle, Our Pride

Mont Orgueil Castle, JerseyWith much to see and visit on Jersey at this time of year, we thought we would give you a little insight into one of the island’s most iconic landmarks, Mont Orgueil Castle. Half way up the east coast in Gorey village this impressive Heritage site will rejoice anyone interested in history, military past and photography.

Jersey’s natural beauty might best be appreciated from the castle grounds which offer incredible views over Normandy, only a stone’s throw away. A visit is a must and will charm everyone; Orgueil means Pride…

Living History

The castle is not only amagnificent pile of stones…

Many entertaining events take place throughout the year. From May to September a Living History theme will be on offer, with exciting Falconry days to show you how birds were used in medieval times, and Castle Tales enlightening you on a few of the castle’s secrets. All the information on days, access and booking is available through Jersey Heritage.

Around Mont Orgueil Castle

Children will also be further entertained with a nicely equipped dressing up box and a really lovely wooden play area where they can fight ’till their heart’s content, just like knights used to do.

Top of the Castle

Once you have taken in most of the staircases, rooms and exhibits you will arrive at, literally, the “piece de resistance”: the top of the castle. It is easy from there to realise just why Mont Orgueil Castle became such an important part of Jersey’s military defence.  And from there you will be granted a superb sweeping panorama from the French coast in the east to the Royal Bay of Grouville to the south, a lovely sandy beach granted its “royal” attribute in 1859 after a visit by Queen Victoria left her enchanted.

Mont Orgueil Panorama

Around the Castle

The delightful Gorey harbour below the castle offers a wide range of hotels and restaurants from where to start or finish your exploration. You will be spoiled for choice so take your time to stroll around the harbour and admire Mont Orgueil Castle from a different angle before making up your mind. We are particularly fond of  the Moorings Hotel with its ideal location just beneath the castle and its al fresco terrace.


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