My Jersey: Singer & Songwriter Stephanie Manns

Stephanie MannsStephanie Manns began her music career in Jersey, becoming a regular on the local folk and acoustic scene as well as forming her own band, the Eskimo Clan.

Stephanie’s music has been likened to that of her country, acoustic and folk heroes, with her trusty ukulele featuring throughout her work. Now a resident of Glasgow, Stephanie has made a name for herself on the Scottish music scene, supporting Emeli Sande and Blues Legend Joan Armatrading along the way.

Stephanie recently returned to Jersey and performed at the Jersey Opera House, launching her Sweethearts and Angels EP on the island. We had a quick chat about her music and her love of the island:

Stephanie’s Story

We’ll start with a very open question: how was your recent return to Jersey?
It was lovely, weather couldn’t have been better either and I was reminded very quickly how beautiful an island it is and how lucky I am that it is has been a part of my life!

You launched your new EP at your Jersey Opera House gig; were you happy with the response?
Definitely. Was such a lovely crowd, very wide ranging audience and the band and I had a great time.

How much did your years in Jersey help to shape your music?
Being in Jersey was what gave me the confidence to start, the musicians and friends that I met here who were so supportive that I began to explore and develop that part of me and the opportunities I had when I was in Jersey to support touring artists gave me a boost and a few accolades to my name that I have taken with me to the UK.

Any favourite spots around the island for some song writing?
Usually I wrote in my back garden – that was I annoyed fewer people with my guitar playing. But st brelades and St Ouen’s having a coffee at Big Vern’s or the Splash

The move from Jersey to Glasgow must have been quite a change; what have been the highlights of your time in Scotland so far?
Well it’s not been the weather! I guess the big highlight is the sheer volume of music that is available to go and see. Much easier to find new music and see your favourite artists in the UK and seeing it so close just pushes me on to do more of my own music.

Do you miss island life?
Of course!

So, what’s next for Stephanie Manns?
Gigs gigs and more gigs. A little tour of the UK is coming up and a gig at the Glasgow Americana Festival is something I’m really looking forward to.

And finally, have you booked your next Channel Island trip yet?!
Actually I have, one of my best friends is getting married next May and I have been asked to sing at the ceremony so I’ve booked a seat for me and my uke!

To find out more about Stephanie and her music, you can visit her website:
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