Activity of the Week: Surfing in Jersey

Surfing In JerseyThis week’s activity, surfing, is part of many an islander’s life (both young and old). Surfers have an incredibly strong connection to their environment from tides, weather, currents, rips to the almighty important wave height. They are in, on and by the water and have become such a common sight on the west coast of Jersey that they are actually part of the environment.

Jersey has produced many champions since surfing was introduced to islanders in 1958, a legacy to the quality of the experience one can get here. The water is clean, the waves consistent and the crowd friendly.

No Worries

A renowned and loved Surfing Spot for the last 50 years, Jersey is proud of its beautiful waves. But don’t worry – you do not need to be experienced, nor equipped, nor a champion to come and surf in Jersey.

On St Ouen’s beach where most – although not all – of the surfing is done, you will find Surf Schools, Surf Hire and everything from advice to encouragement. The sport certainly has its challenges but you will sooner than you think be able to ride and enjoy the pleasure of gliding across the waves.

St. Ouen's Bay Panorama

The beaches are patrolled from May to September by Lifeguards. Jersey’s waters are safe but local knowledge is still essential before you jump in the water. Their website will also provide you with weather and wave reports. Have a good look!

After Surf

Surfing conjures images of blue seas, sandy beach and blond people… all can be found on the terrace of the Watersplash, one of the most famous “hangouts” for surfers. The restaurant is simple, lovely and just perfect for an afternoon tea or an early evening beer facing the ocean and its majestic beauty.

At night, the “Splash” often becomes a music hot spot where young local and talented musicians perform their latest songs.

And Finally…A Photo

Surfing came to Jersey via London! A few passionate surfers from South Africa – Bobby Burdon, Cliff Honeysett and Shorty Bronkhurst – were in London when they saw St Ouen’s surf on a promotional film about Jersey at the cinema. They were soon on the island making longboards out of floorboards.

The rest is history…

Surfing Tribe

Photo from The Surfing Tribe Book

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